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Hallucination Room

I attempted to create a subtle narrative involving these girls interacting with each other and their dimly lit house. I wanted to transform the corner of the wall into a place that spied on these girls and let the viewer into their world. I created various white panels that were to appear as windows into these little moments. The clips contained slow and subtle movements occurring in loops which created a hallucinatory impact as you were unsure if the clips were images or moving video. In these clips, the girls interact with each other but acknowledge the viewer at times by looking at them. This includes the viewer in their space, but still establishes them as observer. I found the panels I used to be excellent reflectors of projector light. However, my clips seemed to be filmed far too dark and the piece suffered affect for that reason. IMG_8569 Towards the end of the cuelist, I distorted the image to not fit in one panel, but be spread across the panel and wall. I realized this was more interesting. IMG_8570 2 I wish I had not limited myself to fitting the image in the boxes I created for most of the cuelist. I think that the image appears more interesting when one plays with the placement of images on the surface rather than placing them where they fit perfectly to the surface.

Conference Proposal: The Home is Heavy

A house becomes alive with the memories created from living/interacting in it. It is more than a structure of shelter, it is the environment that represents family, socializing, privacy, and personal style. I want to create a medium sized structure that gives a viewer the opportunity to see into a home. Is it their own? Their neighbor’s? Is it even a home at all? The house will look conventional but have slight surreal variations of scale, and dimension. It will appear as 3 stories with a pool and lawn. Using both real clips and surreal pattern projections I plan to tell a story, not a narrative, of the energy that goes on within a home. Some themes I am are considering are the juxtaposition of love and sorrow, and memories that share both. 03-FRAN-SILVESTRE-ARQUITECTOS-VALENCIA-HOUSE-ON-THE-CLIFF-SKECH-MODELcalc_home