software vs conceptual artists

Since it took so long for computer art to take its place in the art world the growth of itself is happening in actual time. This includes the language we use associated to computer art, it took until around the late eighties for their to be a difference between those who make their software and those artists who use ones that have already been made. There is said to be more of a create, innovative freedom with being a artist-programer, for example Rosebush found the ability to make fractals using his own programming and “artificial life” was founded on a unique generative program. Software artists use aphorisms that have already been put in place because of math or science and create it into art. Using the idea of Gips he mentions the difference between generating and creating, which I think applies well to this contrast. Artists that use pre existing software are generating art, and the conceptual artists are making art. But its seems as though both types of artists have left their mark on the postmodernism movement, conceptual artists by creating theoretical frameworks and conceptual artists by going into photography and collages.