Drawing Machines: Stars

screen recording (any screencaps taken were not true to what the code looks like)

I am making a interactive coded drawing machine that displays the user blasting through space (a random display of stars) as a star. When the mouse is clicked, the user star will send out a burst of simulated light, gas, stars, and color.

The drawing this machine creates is the array coming from the user star when the mouse is clicked. The drawing will be complete unique each time and completely irreplaceable. The machine will create this drawing with a random value placed in several different parts of the code.

I am creating this project to produce a interactive stress relief type game, much like the game Flower, or Journey. These types of games display the time and elegance that goes into a coding project, and in an attempt to further my abilities in processing I decided this would be the best way to go. Along with the practical reasons for choosing this project I also thought that this particular project allowed for a lot of creativity and design, and gave me the opportunity to create an image that was aesthetically pleasing to the user. There have been many issues in the actual undertaking of this project because I am such a novice coder that while my theory can be correct, my execution is not always perfect. There were several times in my process so far that I was tripped up by simple mistakes, like placing global floats in the wrong container. I also had a lot of creative strife in designing the actual game, the background color changed several times before I settled on black. I decided that it would be the best color to truly reflect the colors the brush is going to present. I was heavily influenced by my time playing games of a particular aesthetic, like the fore-mentioned Journey.

I need a computer to complete this project because while a painting or a sculpture would be able to show off the wonders of the galaxy, it would not be as user interactive as it can be in a computer program. Only a game could allow the kind of imagery and user interaction that this machine provides.

I will be using motion and repetition in my background array of stars flying across the screen. These stars will be a repeating form throughout the entire simulation. The scale will go from the small user star, to the larger background stars, to the very large bursts coming from the brush function. The black and white colors of the stars and sky will serve as a perfect opposition to the amount of color coming from the brush.

I am interested in making this project because I want to get better at code while also making something that I personally would enjoy playing with. In the future I would like to use this base to create an actual game from what I make in conference.

I have used my time in conference discussing what kind of game I want to base this off of and how exactly to code it. Without those personal explanations from my professor I would be lost on where to start in processing, and those simple mistakes I mentioned before would be overwhelming.

For viewers I expect the game to function as a brush inside of a galaxy universe. I want the imagery displayed to serve as a calming and visually interesting machine.