Remix the City: Questions of Space

How many ways can one take up space?

Can a relationship between two people be considered a space?

What determines the size and the shape and the functions of this imagined space?

When a physical space is altered, does it alter the intangible space between the people who inhabit it?

How can we shape a certain space?

Can we do it alone?

Can simply imagining a different use for a space change it?

If I see and use a particular space as something it is not, does it become what I imagine?

If many people start using the space differently is it changed entirely?

Can a space be more than what it’s used for?

What makes a space more malleable than others?

Does a space exist that can’t be altered?

Can a space be owned primarily by something other than people?

Can events of the past own a space?

Can visions of the future own a space?

Author: Sophie Bazalgette