Remix the City: Questions of Space

For my text project, I decided to explore “questions of space”, narrowing it down to the concept/notion of home. I was really inspired by the “Dakota” video by Young Hae Chang, so I am trying to follow the same style.

questions OF space

notion OF home

“owning a property affords someone a house in which to be at home

at the price of being homeless in the world

where do you live?

here? but you don’t

here is not your home

home is supposed

to have

a permanency in it

but yet here is still what you call home

what is home?

“the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”

the space is our home

your house is not a home

or at least

it shouldn’t be

so you try to build yourself your own home

in the hope to feel comfortable

and mostly to belong

creating a home is using space

but what kind of space will YOU use?

will you use your mind?

your soul?

your body?

your family?

your friends?

your loverS?

your dreams?

your nightmares?

your addictions?

your pleasures?

your pains.

not everyone survives bohemia

a return to nomadic existence

must arise

the world is a space of collaborative space making

so why the fuck

aren’t we yet collaborating

start embracing space

start embracing your surroundings

and maybe

maybe then

you’ll find

and create

a home

“freedom is the most difficult way of living that man can lead. For freedom can only be realized in creation and creation means discipline”

Author: Mathilde Hauducoeur