Games from Nothing: Conference Project Post #2 — Attendance

So once I added an extra obstacle to the game I had successfully finished the “build it” phase of my game cycle. I like to condense a game making cycle into three main phases; build it, break it and fix it. The build it phase is the most straight forward, make your game. The break it phase is when you add new objects or functions to the game that probably won’t work well. That’s where the fix it stage comes in, you make this new code with the new function work, and before you know it your back at the build it stage. I completed the first build it stage of my game by the time of the hider seeker turn in, for conference I focused on the break it and fix it stages for my conference project.

Here is my break it list

FullSizeRender (4)

I almost didn’t post this image since it isn’t your standard word press post as it isn’t very visual. However I have found that in the break it phase a change list is the most effective to get your ideas down. Once you have the break it phase done, the fix it stage is the most technical just get your code to work.

For attendance  the build it break it fix it process was really great for adding a new challenge to the game. I already talked pretty in depth about the process of adding a challenge to the game, but the other big thing was trying to find a way to improve the aesthetics of the game to make it feel less like a novelty game. I found that the music was what made the game feel the most tacky, so I really wanted to change the sound in the game. After adding a challenge, this was the biggest point on my break it list. Luckily adding new sound isn’t too hard so my fix it stage turned out to be pretty short.

Author: igamboa