Games from Nothing: Post-Mortem — Attendance

Looking back at Attendance I really enjoyed working on it, both for hider seeker and for conference. I started out with a pretty cool mechanic in the vehicles stopping at certain points, but our original idea of a police chase game was pretty tired and had been done before. Coming up with the idea of students racing to their desks was a fun process that led to a pretty nice result. It felt a lot like that talk by the creator of Braid on making prototypes with a decent mechanic and then applying that mechanic to different games later.

For the conference project section of the game the biggest change I made was the addition of the hall monitors on the screen


Attendance start screen



While the change may look really simple, it actually goes a long way towards adding a lot player choice to a pretty simple game. I really enjoyed working with a game for long enough to fully develop ideas, change them completely, add in new things, and just generally really get to know the game making process.

My only disappointment with this game is, although it is not nearly as tired as a cop chase game, the game still has a sense that it could be more original. So I think for the future I will put this game kind of on the back-burner for a while until I can come up with a better concept. But all in all I think this turned out to be a really fun game that has the potential to expand and get better the more time goes by. I feel like I learned a lot about the game making process with this game and I’m definitely happy I worked on it, even if this specific prototype of the game doesn’t go much further than this.

Author: igamboa