Drawing Machines: Vibrational Art

This object is a speaker I found in the woods back home and repaired placed inside a cardboard vibration chamber. Due to the strength required to create this type of art being greater than what was available the results were minimal compared to the potential.

My motivation for creating this machine originated from when I first took this speaker apart to repair it. Since I was already comfortable working with this machine I was interested to see if I could do anything further.

Once I stripped the speaker to an appropriate level to best remove any dampeners on the speakers I constructed a container out of cardboard and stuffed scraps of paper in as insulation. After creating the container I then created a platform to hold the paper with a hole for the speaker and attached it to the container with hot glue and tape.

This piece serves as an example to follow your curiosity even if it may not be fruitful. Exploring what you have and finding its limits and gaining the knowledge of how to work around initial failures. Even the results were not as I hoped I still enjoyed the process along the way as well as what I learned about my machine.

Author: Aidan Roney