Drawing Machines: Face Folds

Three pictures of me printed on copy paper, each folded in different ways to warp my face and create depth where there otherwise wouldn’t be any. 

My motivation, beyond the need to finish the assignment, was to use folds I didn’t see my classmates using. I wanted mine to stand out in how they specifically changed my features. At first, I had a lot of motivation to finish the assignment having used only the same folds as everyone else because I figured that is the most impressive, technical, and unique, but after struggling, I realized that that wasn’t necessarily the best course of action. 

For one of the papers, I did pleat folds to create a fan-type of shape, which folded my face into two halves. For the other two, I did what I have been calling “box pleats” — folding the paper into something similar to pleats, but with square edges instead of triangles. 

This project taught me that what I like the most and feel the most inclined to do may not be what the rest of my peers are doing, and that’s okay, as long as my work is well-done and up to standards. 

Author: Nat Mandel