Bad Guys: Group Game #2 Polarity




For our group game Shiyuan and I decided on a concept that incorporated a notion of magnetic force. Particles with a certain polarity would repel a single non player moveable particle of the opposite polarity to an end zone. The force would have to be carefully judged to propel the target particle the requisite distance.

Gameplay would be split into two phases: setup and action. Setup would either last a few seconds on a timer or simply be activated by the player with a tap on the end zone. It would start with the target particle surrounded by an array of other particles of varying polarities. The polarity could then be changed by a tap and the particle dragged to a suitable position. In later stages, there might be fewer particles whose forces would need to be combined. Positive and negative attract and the offspring of two differently charged particles would equal a particle with the ability to exert greater force. In the gameplay mode, forces would be applied and the game would begin its action phase and become kinetic.


In this game there was some confusion over what could constitute a bad guy. We considered what kind of enemy might want to use the magnets and what they might represent. In effect we were creating an enemy that might want to use power for its own purpose. This could be represented by bad guys who had stolen one of the particles which now had to be regained by getting all the other particles to work together. The bad guys then might be at the end zone taunting and indirectly attacking the players by advancing a force field or attractive force at the other end.  This force would impel players to move fast lest their particles be sucked into the trap. Both the bad guys and good guys then are contesting a magnet and the bad guy affects the environment by altering its parameters and the good guys’ movement possibilities.

Author: Silas Osborne