Mapping the Invisible: Conference Project Draft #1 — A Narrative Map of the Imaginary


My project is a hybrid narrative- choose your own adventure- scavenger hunt. Participants will read the story in pieces and make decisions about how to navigate the landscape. They will be given a map which will help them to determine the location of the next note/story fragment. Above is an image of what the first note will look like.

Below are images of the site where this will take place and some details of places notes will be hidden.

post 6 post 3 post 4 post 5 post 3 post 1

The invisible thing that I am making visible is an imaginary landscape. The narrative I am creating is intended to lead the reader to identify themselves with the narrator and navigate the landscape as though it is, as depicted in the story, a forest.

I was inspired to do this project in a choose your own adventure format after reading Psychogeography. I thought that the way individuals choose to engage with the story would ultimately be reflective of a type of landscape navigation, much like there are several different types of psychogeographers (ie stalkers, flaneurs etc).

I was also influenced by Ghosh’s novel, Shadow Lines because it provided a kind of narrative mapping that was very interesting to me, and is similar to the project I am undertaking.