Interactive City: Dog vs. Cat


Visual Aspects

Our installation will feature two screen both installed with mouse, where one featuring an image of a dog rendered through processing, while the other will feature an image of a cat. The images will feature small movements, such as the dog wagging its tail. The viewer will soon “take their pick” and select whichever of the two animals they would prefer to “play” with. They will select the animal by clicking on the screen. The animal will then “chase” wherever the viewer taps their finger on the screen.


The Juxtaposition

The real juxtaposition is revealed when the viewer chooses the animal they want to play with. If the viewer selects the cat, for example, and click the screen that shows the cat, the screen will then change to the dog and the viewer will be left wondering what has happened. The same happens with the other screen, if the viewer selects the screen that shows the dog, the cat will appear and will be ready to be “played” with. Once the animal is selected, when the other animal appears the screen will display the words “You preferred the cat, but the dog prefers you, or ‘vis versa.’ This begs the question of the viewer, ‘What role did I play in this interaction?’ as well as ‘Why did I prefer the animal I preferred?’The two animal being compared are classic paradoxical animal anyone can know and are very opinionated about the choice among people.

Our Question

The text in between the two screen will read: “Which one do you want to play with?”

Creating a Social Network

The two comparative item is very commonly in everyday life and many people will choose either one of them. The choice will result in opposite effect of their choice that can bring puzzlement and surprises which can trigger conversation between people. Also the interactive medium and the two animal can bring out commentary from people which can start up more conversation about why they chose the character and what they like about the animal being compared.


By Abe and Yun Mi Koh

Author: Yun Mi Koh