Hack & Glitch


Hack & Glitch

sine of the times. audacity and raw glitches layered in photoshop – john bosson

Hack & Glitch

using audacity to try to achieve a sort of “glowing” effect. gotta play with it some more– allison

Hack & Glitch

Portrait of M. Durante as her Voice. – Made in Audacity from photograph. -Max

Hack & Glitch

I’ve been working with copying code from other images into an image to glitch it in text edit, these are some of the products. – Corin Hopkins

Art from Code: Molnar Response

In creating my code, changing only one aspect each time, I was able to experience the gradualism that Molnar spoke of. It is perhaps one of my favorite projects that we’ve worked on in Art from Code. I think that…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form/RCM

This class began with an exercise in expressing a single idea or thought, a form or collection process of evidence, in various incarnations. This could look like really quite anything, and, initially, I could think of just about nothing. I…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form

Creating three different projects under the premise of “finding a form” took me through quite a lot of states- artistic, emotional, and otherwise. Initially, when tasked with collecting evidence, I wanted to find physical evidence of the passage of time….

Conceptual Art: Finding A Form

The Body Keeps The Score I found that the methodologies we employed in our Finding a Form project provided an engaging contextual framework for making, one which allowed us as artists both to be held by and also free to revise…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form

The class assignment, “Finding a Form” served as my formal introduction to the foundations of conceptual art. Being that I had no previous experience with creating works, I approached the first part of the assignment, where we had to procure…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form

At first, when given the “finding a form” assignment I moved to present some form of evidence in an effective way, to affect, through my evidence, a specific impression on the viewer. Given work and discussions already had in class,…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form

My experience with finding a form helped to evolve and expand upon my thoughts I had before the class.  Going into this assignment, initially, I was at a loss for ideas about what to use as evidence and/or a common…

Conceptual Art: Finding A Form

My process with the ‘Finding a Form’ series of exercises was one that did not solidify my idea as it progressed. Instead, I found my idea stuck, oscillating around the similar forms I chose instead of growing and becoming clear….

Art From Code: Watch

Those who think computational art is not creative because it’s “made by a machine” are unfairly disregarding what the real people coding that art bring to the project. Code is another way to bring ideas to life just like painting…

Art From Code: Under Control

We are living in an information age, where coding is becoming a basic skill for the younger generation. Still, I’ve been warned against venturing in the computational labyrinth, for voices constantly echoing in head: “it’s hard; you are going to…

Art from Code: Early Experiments

In my sophomore year, I took an Intro to Programming class in Python. The next semester I took a Data Structures and Algorithms course using Java, and I became hooked on coding. Coming into college, I was excited to pursue…

Conceptual Art: Finding a Form

My experience with “finding a form” began with a misunderstanding of the prompt. Originally, I had thought “Collect Evidence” was a call to make a work of conceptual art using the idea of evidence, rather than just compiling loose photos…

Art From Code: Bauhaus Clock

If I was asked what I thought about computational art in the past, because I knew absolutely nothing about it, I probably would have said that there is no artistic or creative skill involved in it. However, now that I…

Art From Code: A Funky Little Worm on a Funky Little Planet

My initial worries for this class came on the first day, where I struggled to unzip the Processing folder and almost accidentally factory reset my laptop. I’m not tech savvy, and already the realm of computational art seemed far beyond…

Conceptual Art : Finding a Form

When I first started to find evidence of my art work, my birthday was coming…..So I use my birthday to be my theme.