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SpaceHiJack: Let’s Play Together

Remix the City Sketchbook211Remix the City Sketchbook210                       My box project focused primarily on the creation of an event. The event was up to the participants discretion. I simply provided the small and self referential gear in a specific location. People could wear, hit, stomp, or take any of the objects provided. However I saw that people either chose to play or do nothing at all. 4 weeks later the items are still in the location which I provided, in almost perfect condition. I wanted to make the objects and boxes uniform in their aesthetic, choosing to draw from the purchased objects the beaded pattern and colors of the flip-flops, to accentuate the uniformity and game aspect of the project. I think it was successful in the goals which I set forth.

Space HiJack: Mario Cube

cuberesized1 For my box project, I wanted to make something fun, so I chose the question mark cube from the Super Mario games. After giving up on GIMP, I used Photoshop to do the cube mapping, and printed it out on the 9880 printer. I put the skin on a 11.5×11.5 inch cardboard box, and stuck it up on the wall in the hallway using Command strips. My idea was to modify behavior by hopefully having people jump up and touch/headbutt it (as in the game), or if they don’t get the Mario reference, to at least be intrigued by the bright yellow box covered in question marks. I wanted to make the box more interactive, ie by adding a sound element, or having something inside it like a dispensable roll of paper with fortune cookie-type stuff on it, but in the interest of time I just left it as it was. I installed last Wednesday evening, and was informed by Angela that it had fallen off on Thursday afternoon. I put it back up with more Command strips and some help from Amos on Monday. Haven’t been able to observe it much, though I did see people looking at it and saw one person touch it. While I’m not sure how much effect it’s had on behavior, I think it does modify the space, particularly since the hallway’s so bare.