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Space HiJack: Jenga

For my box project, I also started with confusion. Since we’ve been talking about cube mappings during class and the lab on gum box. I wasn’t sure what the project is. Whether making cube mapping or making a huge box and tape over it. So I take some note on what other students in the course are doing. I realized just to make boxes and interfere with the space!
So I talked to my friends advises for box project. They have all crazy ideas and we came up with the Jenga idea! The unique aspect of Jenga is that it is played all around the world. (at least China and America, haha) Since we have a great amount of international crowd, having a global box project is awesome!
So I installed the box here:
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1
The result came out great. People play around with it. My friends were telling me how people interact with it while they are just hanging around in Heimbold. I am really happy with the outcome!

SpaceHiJack: Let’s Play Together

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My box project focused primarily on the creation of an event. The event was up to the participants discretion. I simply provided the small and self referential gear in a specific location. People could wear, hit, stomp, or take any of the objects provided. However I saw that people either chose to play or do nothing at all. 4 weeks later the items are still in the location which I provided, in almost perfect condition.

I wanted to make the objects and boxes uniform in their aesthetic, choosing to draw from the purchased objects the beaded pattern and colors of the flip-flops, to accentuate the uniformity and game aspect of the project.

I think it was successful in the goals which I set forth.

Space HiJack: Thoughts to Share/Thoughts to Discard

box project

project photos

For my box project I made a couple of boxes  for people to put their thoughts into. I left slips of paper and labeled the boxes ‘thoughts to discard’ and ‘thoughts to share’. These labels were intentionally open ended in order to make it more accessible for anyone to participate in. I posted a photo of some of the thoughts to share papers. The responses ranged from quotes to admissions to silly comments. I was pleased with the result of the project.

I’m happy that people participated.

Space HiJack: “Disco Cube”

For my box, I wanted to do something fun and interactive, that would make people smile. When we first got given the project I planned to do something with packaging, e.g. fragile stickers, heavy stickers and bubble wrap, however I didn’t think that doing something like that would link to the “playable city” so I decided to create something more interactive, that would give Heimbold a bit more life and entertaining and enjoyable. Heimbold, even though it is meant to be the most creative and stimulating building on campus, as we have spoken about in class, is an extremely hostile and sterile environment, I aimed that my box would shift and change this, giving it a bit more life.

I have always loved Disco balls, and how the light reflects off them and how it distorts your reflection thus I decided to create a “disco cube” and have it hanging in Heimbold near the door. I knew I didn’t want to convey a powerful and serious message with it, so just something that was visually appealing and interactive was the way to go. The actual creation part didn’t take that long, I purchased numerous mosaic mirror tiles from amazon and off I went.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out however if I had more time I would have planned more carefully the placement of the tiles as some were uneven and there were areas of the box showing and also make it lighter as I was unable to hang it. As I couldn’t hang it anywhere, I placed the box on one of the tables near the café as well as on the third step as you go up to the 3rd level. I watched people interact and it was quite similar to what I expected. Most people stared at it and then just kept walking however some bent down to its level and viewed their distorted reflection in the mirrors.

When I placed the box in Heimbold I watched people interact and react to the box and took photos, however my phone recently died so will have to do new documentation and then I will post photos from my new discoveries.

Space HiJack: Mario Cube


For my box project, I wanted to make something fun, so I chose the question mark cube from the Super Mario games. After giving up on GIMP, I used Photoshop to do the cube mapping, and printed it out on the 9880 printer. I put the skin on a 11.5×11.5 inch cardboard box, and stuck it up on the wall in the hallway using Command strips. My idea was to modify behavior by hopefully having people jump up and touch/headbutt it (as in the game), or if they don’t get the Mario reference, to at least be intrigued by the bright yellow box covered in question marks.

I wanted to make the box more interactive, ie by adding a sound element, or having something inside it like a dispensable roll of paper with fortune cookie-type stuff on it, but in the interest of time I just left it as it was. I installed last Wednesday evening, and was informed by Angela that it had fallen off on Thursday afternoon. I put it back up with more Command strips and some help from Amos on Monday. Haven’t been able to observe it much, though I did see people looking at it and saw one person touch it. While I’m not sure how much effect it’s had on behavior, I think it does modify the space, particularly since the hallway’s so bare.