Abstract Video: cyclical modes

For my conference project I wanted to focus on phenomena, time and being in this world as an addict. I wanted to focus on my relationship to substances and try and present the feelings and sensations associated with addiction. I took a time-lapse of myself for several days, the plan was to film with the intention of sobriety and see what happened.
Throughout the video there are clips of natural phenomena; sand, plants, etc spliced into this time-lapse. I used a TouchDesigner technique called pixel sorting to create a sort of ephemeral time-bending ambience.
In the end I used this video for my performance art piece: I love you mom. I stood in front of this project and sat in silence with the writing at first. Then I asked everyone to come up and write on me, write anything they wanted to release and empty onto my skin. I wanted to see what the audience as well as myself could get out of this intentional environment of reflection.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLMI7mzj4lA

Author: Liliana Heffron