Games from Nothing: Conference Project Post #1 — Euclid’s Dream


For this game I was using the code base of the race to the finish group game I completed with Giles. As such I already had much of the game mechanics fleshed out. This meant that when I went to complete the game further, I looked to more aesthetic changes. Thus  in my sketchbook I set about creating a different look through the use of shadows. At this point I was looking to create a more three dimensional look to the quite simple geometric shapes and also utilize a more fully featured palette. The previous design incorporated total grayscale elements which now seemed limiting. Therefore there was scope for improvement.  In this early stage I wanted to use quite bright colors with a shadowed look.  In addition, I wanted to incorporate a few other gameplay features such as wrapping, greater difficulty and clean up the gameloop. Also the original name Chameleon did not really fit the original grayscale game and so I decided to change that too.

Author: Silas Osborne