Art from Code: Distortion


My project will be pieces that start with a normal, solid shape but get distorted and changed over time.  For example, I would start with a circle but change the shape over time to eventually make it no longer seem like a circle.  I want to do this idea because the idea of taking a concrete shape and then making it more abstract is cool.  I like interesting shapes that don’t stay the same.  I expect the viewer to see a normal shape at first, but be surprised when the shape slowly gets more and more distorted.  My conference work will show Galanter’s definition of generative art.  My projects will use randomness and time to change the art, resulting in a completed piece.  My work will not be completely random, but it will use an appropriate amount of randomness to change the piece and make it interesting to look at.  I think my project will showcase the things I’ve learned throughout the class.  

My work will look good because I will use a fitting color scheme and make the pieces look interesting and unique.  I built the idea for the project by drawing sketches of repeating, normal shapes and then I decided to slightly change the shape each time I drew it.

I will use the active mode to allow the piece to move and change.  I will use variables as a way to create a custom noise function.  My functions will allow me to have the shapes change and be unique.  I will use color to contrast the shapes with the background.  Randomness will be added to the color to add interest.  The draw function will animate the pieces, making the shapes move and change.  Loops will be added to add shapes to the pieces.  Loops will also allow me to add shapes over a time period.

Author: Meghan Sever