Games from Nothing: Black & White Exercise #4 — Particles

For the particles lab I didn’t make so much a game as a digital toy to play with.

Rotation first shot

The game starts with this cool image. The green circles are all orbiting the red circle using the solar system code, with a few changes. The biggest change is that as the green circles orbit they are actually just creating a new green circle in front of the old one, so those green lines around the perimeter are actually just thousands of circles all following one path and overlapping with each other.

To make the game a little more interactive, I added a mouse toy like feature to the game. Like the green circles, as you move the blue circle it leaves behind a trail of blue circles which I think gives it an even nicer effect than just a straight line.

Rotation with mouse toy

With the addition of the mouse toy the game becomes a procrastinators worst nightmare. Even writing this word post took me fifteen minutes longer than it should have because I kept catching myself doing this

Rotation final shot

So while it may not be a game, I found my particles lab to be a fun toy that ended up eating a lot of my time just playing with.

Author: igamboa