Remix the City: Space HiJack — This Side Up


For my box project, I decided to make a box that says “this side up” on every side, but pointing different ways. I installed it in the Barbara Walters Gallery because I felt like this was my only chance to show work in there (even though it’s through subversive methods). Initially, I thought the idea was funny. After I actually  made it and installed it I changed my mind and decided it felt gimmicky. I wasn’t able to get a photo of the box installed because it was gone when I came back to document it.  The other projects I saw from my classmates were really inventive. My favorites were the Turkish bazaar in the elevator, the speed-bump-box, and the “play games together” boxes with the shoes.

My initial idea was to get a number of pieces of cardboard which were used (or made to look like they were used) for homeless people as “help” signs. I thought it would be visually interesting to take a number of these signs and erect a house structure. Kind of alike a metaphor for like… finding a solidarity during times of struggle. The reason why I didn’t do this is because it was raining that week and all of the cardboard I found was so gross. This idea was in part inspired by my ongoing exploration of “home” as an artistic concept, and by the work of a North Carolina graffiti writer and artist Adam Void.