Remix the City: Conference Project Post #2 — MetroNorth Ad Bust

I’m excited (and perhaps a little nervous) to install my project. I’ve prepared 2 posters (and will hopefully prepare a 3rd) to replace the advertisements on the Metro North train with. My plan is to have another student come along and document while I install.

Previously when I pulled the ads down, people didn’t seem to think anything of it. I got no reaction, which was nice. But I’ve never installed an ad in front of a train full of passengers, so I’m not sure if they’ll react to this. My guess is that they won’t due to the fact that the seating makes it difficult to interact with other passengers on the train. So I’m not particularly concerned about people confronting me. This project is interesting to me because it’s not explicitly illegal to hang my own work in these ad spaces since the posters are very easily removable and do not damage anything. But I think it’s visually empowering to see someone reclaim ad space for art.