Games from Nothing: Conference Project Post #1 — Eclipse

Eclipse began with our first black and white exercise, after we had begun to read Chip Kidd.  It was almost entirely influenced by my want to use negative and positive space heavily within a game.

Eclipse 1st Sketch

Here’s my first entry for it in my sketchbook.  At first I thought it’d include multiple shapes, and perhaps a time or size limit.

However, in the beginning the game was very simple.

You play the circle on an otherwise empty screen.

Original Start

There’s a smaller circle, camouflaged by the background, roaming around semi-randomly.  The only parts of the roamer you can see are those overlapping with your circle.

Original First Capture

If you manage to envelop the circle, your old circle expands to become the background, and you become what used to be the roamer.

Original First Expansion

Original First Expansion Continued

Eventually, as the circles become smaller, it becomes exceedingly difficult to find the roamer.

Original Tiny

And that is where I ended my first draft.

Author: Cameron Basham