Diary Forms: Making Up Data

For our first exploration of diary as an art form, I chose to record all of the makeup I wore for a week.

My method for recording this data was characterized by a chart I made wherein I charted the makeup I wore each day prior to creating the graphs. I did this by swatching each item within their section on the pre-made chart. Then, on the fifth day of the week, I input all of the collected data into a spreadsheet. From there, I made many graphs to depict the makeup I had worn. I utilized multiple facets of the data to create more and more graphs and visual representations of what I had worn throughout those five days.

This project could be expanded forever because there is always something else to parse out, and that is the point of the project. It is entirely unnecessary to graph makeup worn because the point of graphing something is to be able to analyze what it means, but there is no real meaning of value to be found after someone knows how much lipstick they’ve worn in a five-day period. I am interested in drawing attention to moments of over-recording data-centric culture can create, and I feel I did so by creating visual representations of something that is already visually appealing like makeup. The futility of information for the sake of information is on full display here, and I am enthralled by how it turned out.

Author: Rosabelle DuBois