Diary Forms: A Dollhouse Is Not A Home

Throughout our second exploration of diary form, I was interested in taking on abstraction in a way that differed drastically from my first work.

I knew I wanted to talk about the intricacies of hierarchically understanding independence and interdependence and how either form of dependence can become unhealthy and can create a breeding ground for codependency. I also knew all of this would be too on the nose to explore in any literal way, so I decided to create a narrative.

Having my characters inhabit a house was important to me because I have often found the sickest relationships in my life to be with those with whom I am currently living. I sourced a children’s dollhouse that was about to be trashed and completely “redecorated.”

The fly used the furniture, while the yellow lichen crept throughout the levels. The house grew fungi and boils from the constant conflict between the fly and the lichen who love each other very very very much. Perhaps too much. So much so that they need each other, and that has not been great for their home or their health. The fly has developed an illness defined by a green goo that smears everywhere he goes, while the lichen’s mental health has declined so much, it has passive-aggressively taken over multiple parts of the house.

This project’s sense of reality is twisted and warped by the fantastic, sickly colors and the unlikely tale it weaves. Even still, it is based off of a few relationships I have had in my life and the diary form can be found in how growth is found in the narrative.

Author: Rosabelle DuBois