Diary Forms: Bruised

This project represents a bruise over a series of days. By using leaves, paper, and glue I was able to create the form of a bruise and demonstrate how it changed over time.

After getting a large and colorful bruise on my leg I became intrigued and started taking pictures of the bruise. I soon realized the changing bruise would make an interesting diary form. The bruise itself also held emotions for me. The bruise itself was painful but the experience that resulted in the bruise was joyful. I chose to use leaves because I knew I didn’t want to paint the bruises and thought the fall leaves would match the color scheme well.

I began by taking pictures of the bruise every day. Next, I walked around the campus trying to collect leaves that matched the colors of the bruise. Once the leaves were collected I started creating each of the bruises. First I would draw the outline of the bruise and then glue down leaves to show the patterns and colors of the bruise. To create the different pieces of the bruise I often just ripped the pieces of leaves as I liked the rough edges on the leaves. I left the last square sheet of paper blank to show that the bruise was gone and healed.

This piece represents the coexistence of joy and pain. When we think of a bruise, it is usually a negative association, but by showing the bruise as art, I was also able to demonstrate the beauty of the bruise. Not only are the colors in a bruise beautiful, but sometimes the experience that the bruise came from is worth the pain. 

Author: Skyler Kawecki-Muonio