Diary Forms: A Crochet a Day

This project is a daily documentation of the learning process of crocheting for the first time. Over the course of 41 days, I created 34 crochet pieces in the form of various granny square patterns as well as 7 scraps of string to document the days I did not crochet. Throughout the project you can see my growth in skill level as my stitches become much neater, the string becomes more delicate and the patterns increase in difficulty. The project is displayed on a raised white box with labels for each piece on the day it was created. The pieces are not arranged in any chronological order and are distributed for aesthetic purposes. The labels and the overall display suggest the visual of an insect display case.

For a long time, I have wanted to learn how to crochet but I never attempted to learn before. After realizing that dentist school expects its applicants to practice hand dexterity, I finally got the push I needed to learn how to crochet, as crochet is a common way to practice this skill. Additionally, I thought this would be the perfect diary form as I could crochet daily. Finally, I thought it would be very interesting to document my learning process and see my crochet skills advance over time.

To start this process I acquired three different colors of yarn as well as the appropriate sized crochet hook. To create my first square I asked my roommate, an experienced crocheter, to teach me how to create a basic pattern. After feeling confident with this most basic pattern I looked up another basic granny square crochet pattern as well as some tutorials to learn the new stitches I needed. Again I kept creating granny squares using this pattern until I felt I had mastered it, and then began the learning process of a new pattern. In total, I learned and mastered 5 different granny square patterns. In the end, I decided to display each square individually with a paper label, as each work felt very individual to me and I liked the overall look.

This project for me was a way to integrate my scientific brain and thought process into my art. I am someone who appreciates perfection and I liked how this process allowed me to master a skill. I also enjoyed seeing how neat and accurate my squares became over time. I was pleased with my final display of the project as I thought it accurately represented both my learning process during the project and overall how I approach learning. My granny squares were all separate and in no particular order to represent how each day is so unique and how the learning process is not linear. I also liked that my display looked similar to an insect display case as my passion is science and I wanted that to come through even in my art, especially since I was inspired to create this project because of dental school. 

Author: Skyler Kawecki-Muonio