Art from Code: Early Experiments

These are some of my early experiments in coding. My first image is of Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. I was recently thinking about playing with bubbles as a kid and knew I wanted that to be part of what I had in my design. This caused me to think of watching the Powerpuff Girls and I added it to my design. I started by creating Bubbles and then added the bubbles that float across the screen. For me this is just a fun and nostalgic image.
The second image is from one of my earliest designs. I had the idea to try to create a disco-esque Pac-Man. As I started to code it became more abstract in nature. I started with the circles in the corners and then coded the circles that bounce across the screen. This is one of the only pieces I did where I didn’t quite know exactly what it would look like when I finished.
The third image is of a kitchen looking out towards the window. The code then transitions from the day (as pictured above) to a night scene where the iced tea becomes a mug and the pizza becomes a cookie. This was one of my first times trying to create a full image. I wanted to try to depict a summer day where you don’t have any responsibilities to worry about.

Author: Elena Wagstaff