Abstract Video: Familiar Feeling

Familiar Feeling is a TouchDesigner project implementing multiple videos to create a storyline. This storyline is about a man falling in love with an experience with a woman and man, he hopes to find this feeling again by going out on the town to seek that same experience. Within this piece you will see glowing hands, and a man in a red landscape, this is what I interpret as ‘the devil on his shoulder’, pushing him to find that ecstasy. During the end, the clips become more rapid simulating flashbacks to the previous scenes, creating the affect that the main character is still dreaming about that night.

I originally wanted to do my conference work about the idea of afterthought. But when playing around with Touch Designer I thought that storytelling would be a lot more fun, and easy on the eyes! Currently Im taking a queer studies course at Sarah Lawrence and wanted to use my knowledge from that class into Abstract Video. This shaped my project into its final form and helped with interpreting what I was creating.

I assorted videos that I compiled together into imovie which gave me the ability to map out my storytelling. Then I took separate parts of my video and edited them in TouchDesigner with a variety of image filters and particle tracking. Then I added my own TouchDesigner knowledge to create three kaleidoscopes (which are the blue star/circles you see). Then I put my clips all together and added pacing towards the end of my conference work.

When starting this class I was intimidated by TouchDesigner because as an artist it was a new medium for me to learn. This class taught me so much within TouchDesigner and Im so proud of my conference work. Relating this with my other class was an amzing experience and I wish to collaborate other classes into my future artwork!

Author: Lili Alexander