Abstract Video: My 7th Birthday

My 7th Birthday is a TouchDesigner project that was made in the beginning of the semester. Its a home video of 7 year old me getting sung Happy Birthday. With friends and family all around me it gives perspective of how times have changed. With the use of TouchDesigner the effects give the video a dream-like aura and almost an illusion when trying to track the faces within the art.

Last semester, I did my conference project on the feeling of letting go of the past. I gained about 50+ found footages from an old camera in storage, one of them being this video. During this time, in class we were learning particle tracking, so in that development I played around with different videos and found this to be the best. At the end I put the filter ‘feedback edge’, which created the cloud like material and pattern in the back.

This project has a lot of sentimental value to me. At the age of 7, you are free, happy, unbothered, as an adult reflecting on this video it brings a sweet nostalgia back to me.

Author: Lili Alexander