Mapping the Invisible: Self-Portrait — A Map of Mathilde

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.14.51 PM

It took me quite some time to actually start the mapping of my self-portrait. I am still deciding what I am mapping vs what I am not mapping. The base of my map is a floor plan of my apartment at home. I chose this support to make each room of the apartment a part of myself I want to share in this self-portrait.

I have two “main routes”: the factual stuff about my life (where I’m from etc)/ the personal stuff which are going to be represented in a more abstract way. So far I have mostly been working on the base of my map, which is somewhat a representation of my “aesthetics”.

So far everything that is on my map is pretty self-explanatory. Like the flags, eiffel tower etc. I am also using writing so the readers of my map can situate which is what. I am not sure if I want the final map to be this easy to read, but so far it is helping me move along with my ideas etc. I also like the idea that people can interact with my map and understand some parts of it.

In the middle of the map I have a “what I will not reveal” room which will be filled with things I do not necessarily want people to know about me, but constitute an important part of my life. The things in there will be blurred/drawn over etc so readers cannot actually figure out what is in there.

Author: Mathilde Hauducoeur