Interactive City: Run Away With Me


I have been working on character’s movement in the game. I am in process of using motion detection coding to make character move forward and forward only. This turned out to be the biggest hurdle I have to jump over. If it does not work out, I would have to switch from webcam to keyboard which I hope to avoid. The keyboard is fine but I think it lacks interaction than webcam or mouse, where there are lots of physical movement.

I am also in process of designing background and thinking about the game character. I think part of making background of the interactive game would be the most fun yet bit difficult. The background play the main role in deciding the theme but there is lots of designs and images to go in which I hope to create some component through InDesign and Photoshop. The background has to be mythical and bizarre, drawing attentions and mesmerize player to explore different maps. I also need to develop a way to reset the game so that each player can have a start and end of the game.

Author: Yun Mi Koh