Interactive City: Restroom Museum of Art


So far the project is going ok. I am currently waiting for approval from student life on my display. I am also working on art pieces selection and creating frames that would add to “fanciness” of the art.


The hardest part of the project is getting the approval and choosing which pieces I will be displaying. I am debating whether or not modern arts or renaissance art will add even more feeling of irony. I think I am leaning toward renaissance arts because of this gracefulness and sense of delicacy the painting produces. Additionally I need to be careful about what piece I will put in the bathroom depending on gender and sensitive messages in arts such as religion, for it might be interpreted in an offensive way to some people. I am hoping to discuss more about the pieces I will be using for display during conference. I think this project is not technically difficult but more difficult to figure out the psychological aspect of the display and prediction the outcome. Additionally I think it is also good to add more art around the bathroom beside the stalls and the toilet like around the mirror and trashcans.

For the frames I am working on painting them gold with spray paint and such.

Yun Mi Koh

Author: Yun Mi Koh