Interactive City: Fill My Heart <3


For project 2 I have decided¬†to create a Love catcher designed with a mix of analogue and digital experience. The love catcher is in a form of Love meter that physically show the invisible emotion called love. Love is always around us and is a very familiar feeling. May people place love into a physical form through symbolic representation such as love symbol, heart. I wanted to explore how I can “catch” the emotion from people who interact with the display.

IMG_1283I am creating a catcher in a form of love meter that can measure how much love is coming out from individuals and capture the love through the display on the screen.

A scale creates the love catcher. When someone fills the box with marble or stone inscribed with words that represent love, such as hug, kiss, flowers, gifts, dates, memories, etc. Depending on the weight of the stone, which account for the value of love to the interactor, will fill up the heart on the screen, capturing the amount of love coming out from the interactor.

I was inspired to make this catcher from when I was watching the Simpsons, where they had a love Tester in Moe’s Tavern. It seemed unique how people were trying to catch and see how much love they had within the and wanted to create my love catcher.

ZdDzLDFSimpsons_08_24_P1Through this project, I want to explore what is love and how people think what love is in everyday life, and explore the value of it.

Author: Yun Mi Koh