Interactive City: Opposite of Ephemeral


For project 2, I have chosen to create an ethereal space with a dream-catcher-like theme.

I’m going to be installing in the media lab in Heimbold.



I’m creating the feel with lots of yarn all over the room, water-color-type colors and possibly string lights.  I think I am going to look for big pieces of cardboard and paint them, then hang those on the wall instead of painting directly on the wall.  I’m also going to probably add glitter to the paint.  I want it to feel really mixed-media so I will probably add other things as I find them.  That is what the room will look like.

Starting next week, I am going to set up small stations around campus for SLC people to interact with.  They will be provided with paper and pens to answer the prompt.  The prompt will be something along the lines of:

 ‘What is something that someone has said to you or about you, positive, negative, or neutral, that has really stuck with you?’

Then, the participant will drop the response (anonymous) into a box and I will collect all responses at the end of each day.


Once I collect enough responses, I am going to start setting them up in the room.  At this point, I think that I am going to keep some responses on the original paper, but I am also going to copy over responses onto different materials.  I am also going to utilize the string in some way to attach the responses like they are caught in a dream catcher.

I will set an opening day and time, and then have a playlist set up to play while people are observing my work.

Author: Ava Delamotte