Interactive City: Spend Time


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In class we discussed the fun of capturing something that isn’t visible. Time is one of those concepts that we can feel and experience but we can’t really see. I thought it would be interesting to somehow catch people’s time and display it.

My project will be five digital catchers that catch the amount of time people spent on the interaction. There will be five kindles with multiple clocks on them depending how many people interact with them. Under the clocks will be various things that people waste time on. Like, arguing, waiting in line, stressing, watching bad TV.


Tags under the clocks 

When someone chooses which clock they’d like to add time to they can press the screen and a clock will appear and grow larger the longer a person holds their finger down. The clock will stay on the screen so that everyone can see the many different clocks and sizes. This way people can get an idea of the time that was spent on this interaction.

I think this will cause an interesting interaction because  we waste a lot of time in our lifetime, some of which we are even unaware of. I’m hoping my installation will draw attention to the various things that people could waste their time on and make them reconsider how they want to spend the rest of their day.

Kadie Roberts

Author: Kadie Roberts