Interactive City: Sadness Catcher


My project is based on the idea of the natural creation and dissipation of a cloud. When the user of the project feels sad, they can type what makes them feel that way and with each letter typed, the ocean fills with water. Also, every time they type a letter a chord plays. Slowly, the water evaporates while a cloud forms. When the cloud reaches a critical mass it starts snowing.


This interaction allows the user to purge their sadness by typing out what makes them so sad and see something beautiful come out of it. Writing or typing out what you feel sad about is something that has been done for many years to make someone feel better and is generally a therapeutic experience. Using the natural water cycle most people learn in elementary school makes this process easy to understand for the user. Another thing that people find therapeutic when sad is music which is why as they type out their sadness it will create music.


Author: Talila Tobias