Remix the City: Conference Project Post #1 — Do You Control Space?

For our (Grace and Mathilde) conference project, we want to make a sticker story, explaining what Remix The City is, and the notions of space. The notions of space as in how we interact with it and how it impacts our daily life even if we don’t always realize it. We want to focus on the subtleties of how space impacts our responses to society and our creativity. Our sticker story will wrap the main aspects and notions we have studied and realized in class. Our goal is to mess with people’s subconscious and force them to question all these subtleties that they dismiss because society, whether we realize it or not, forces us to dismiss them. We want to follow the style of the situationists in the sense that they create things that might seem like complete non-sense at first sight, but have a very in-depth and complex underlying meaning.

Our sticker story will be installed around the first (main) floor of Heimbold, around the base of the walls. We want to make it not too big, but still demanding attention, so people are forced to pay attention to it, without it screaming at them either. As people follow our story, they will at certain points have the option to go one way or the other, and determine their own ending to the story. Our story revolves around what we have to say about space, but also a main contributor to the overall meaning of the work is how our audience perceives it and interacts with it. In that sense, our project is quite playable, but we are shaping how it is “played” with.

Author: gmcdonald