Games from Nothing: Group Game #1 — Triangles Game

In this game you play as a black circle who’s main objective is to dodge triangles long enough for a portal to appear and teleport you to safety.


In this first screenshot, you can see the circle as well as the two triangles. This the typical start screen and the “before” state of the game. What makes this game most interesting is the random movement of the triangles shown in this screenshot.


By setting the triangle movement to random, there is no control over where the triangles go or what they do so every time you play the game you end up with different designs and patterns. Any collision between the circle and either triangle causes the screen to flash red and set the score back to zero.

Once the score reaches a certain amount a red “portal” appears that is your gateway to safety. However as the score climbs the portal moves, so you need to move quickly to catch the portal before it teleports, perhaps to somewhere where the triangle covers it, making it unreachable until it moves again. Screenshot 3a shows the portal’s first appearance, 3b shous its second appearance.





When you successfully get your player to the portal you win the game!

The game has a clear beginning and end state making it a race to the finish. The game is full of player choice; you can choose the best path to avoid the triangles, you can also choose which portals to go for and which to wait out.`

By far the hardest part of this game to code was the collision with triangles. However once we labored through that bit, the rest of the code was pretty straight forward and didn’t create many problems.

Author: igamboa