Interactive City: Can You See the Real Me?


Can You See the Real Me was installed in Heimbold Cafe on March 7th.  It took about an hour to install.

Sophia and I took photos of people in Heimbold on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  We then installed the photos and questions on the yellow wall.  We made three lines of photos + questions.  Each line had 17 people, for a total of 34 individual polaroids.  We ended up having 51 participants, so a total of 102 polaroid photos.


Our project went really well!  We had a lot of interest in participation and actually had to turn people away!  We took the photos in the hallway adjacent to the yellow wall.  It worked really well because all the photos look uniform and the lighting was controlled.


We kept the same format for everyone – first photo with a straight face, second photo up to the individual.  We then asked them to fill in the little paper slip with ‘Am I _______ or am I _______?’


Things that went right:

  1. People participated
  2. Installation place was good

Things that could be changed:

  1. We only photographed people in heimbold…so we lost diversity.
  2. We could have created a bigger awareness that we were planning on taking pictures, so that more people could be informed and/or participate
  3. The slips of paper were a little small
  4. We could have created a more direct prompt, or worked on our pitch to participants more

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Author: Ava Delamotte