Interactive City: Fear Catcher


This project was derived from the following series of assumptions:

  1. To capture fear, we must overcome it
  2. Fear is a product of the imagination that possesses power over the individual
  3. An idea is a product of the imagination that can be overpowered by the individual
  4. To overcome fear, we must reduce it to an idea
  5. Life is to death as light is to darkness
  6. An idea is to the imagination as a form is to space
  7. A shadow is a projection of darkness created by light applied to form
  8. Fear is a projection of death created by the concept of life applied to an idea
  9. Therefor, to overcome fear, we must give it form and remove its shadow

Removing shadow from a form is as simple as projecting light upon it from enough different angles. To accomplish this, I intend to build a box or other container similar to the sketch at the top of this post. It would be constructed of wire or wood, and the lights would likely be a mix of string lights and accent lamps such as these:

light rope


Left in a public space, a sign/note would instruct users to “leave your fears within”. Index cards, markers, and perhaps some plasticine clay would sit beside the catcher as well, available for people to construct their fears out of if they wished. By placing their fears within the catcher they would remove their fear’s shadow, undermining its power, share it with the public, counteracting the isolating nature of fear, and also be able to trust that their fears, or at least parts of them, would remain safely within the catcher and not follow them when they left.

Author: Nick Dalzell