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Introduction (to my /New/ Conference Work)

EDITOR’S_NOTE//sys.3.OLD1//conf.NEW1.introduction From abundant CIA evidence it seems clear that the present application is the original brain child of none other than Henry Rhodes Hamilton (HRH; although the actual authorship remains disputed). Founder of the Perfect Light Movement (PLM), this quixotic character of the early 20th century is known to us by way of a profoundly detailed index to a suppressed autobiography, written after a prolonged episode involving a plane crash and capture by insurgents, in Cambodia.

After the Tenth Convocation of PLM the proclamation of HRH’s divinity reports of Scientology-style apparatuses for measurement of personality types, explanations of the universe, and sometimes less specified purposes, start appearing. These ideas were born out of His interest in telepathy, and the experiments He Ran Himself. Hotly contested from the start, but especially following CIA infiltration and seizure of the equipment, most fruits of this labor have been lost. It is only thanks to this humble editor’s efforts that some of the original functionality of this instance could be restored for posterity.

It is unclear whether the results produced have validity (for our times), or even follow the scientific (or any) method. HRH, His Righteousness Himself, always had a vision that arguably transcended sanity, so much is clear. As such, when he asked for this application to be built, he also requested that every user and the information they submitted, along with the IP address for the machine they were using, is taken and collected in a large unspecified data storage facility in Tucson, Nevada.

The nature of this project is both mundane, and metaphysical. On a practical level, HRH is compiling the most extensive birthday calendar known to man, for personal, congratulatory use. He hates forgetting people’s birthdays.

On a more metaphysical level, HRH is convinced of the endlessly mirroring, echoing, fractal nature of information. What does it mean to be born in one place, at the time of great disaster in another? There must be a connection! Perhaps it is in the individual’s life, but maybe, just maybe, it’s a game of numbers: HRH believes, at the end of all of this, the database in the Nevada desert will hold the answer; like a tree, a Tree of Knowledge indeed, this thing emerges and stands tall in a wasteland of random Facebook quizzes.