Conceptual Art: Conceptual Jewelry

Why I started it?

I made artist presentation about Charlene Modena. And I like her conceptual jewelry. I think wearing meaningful conceptual jewelry is very cool. And my ideal career is jewelry designer…

Why this topic?

My theme for this project is human nature. I found it out when going through the process of making the first piece of project. The first piece is a bracelet. With fluting paper attach to it. I want to use it to represent the fact of two faces of human behavior. But latter I found that to make jewelry which expressing the idea of human nature seems a good idea.

The materials?

I saw the jewelry made by Charlene Modena. She uses cheap ordinary materials with expensive gem stones in one art work. I think I can use this idea too. I also want to control the expense… The gem stones on my conference project are my collection. 

Piece 1: Human Nature- Two Faces


I want to make a bracelet with copper wire. I cut some fluting paper to write some words and add meaning to this project.


Attach jade stone, opal to decorate it.

Gilding one side of some paper piece.

Make the hooks, make it wearable.

Final form:

Name: Shuozhi Yin

Title:Human Nature/Two Faces

Medium: Copper Wire, Jade Stone, Opal,Corrugated Paper

Dimensions (H” x W”): 3cm x 6cm


Two faces is one of human natures. There may be some people who seems mean and rude but actually are well-educated and have poetical hearts… It is better not to judge others.

The bracelet made by copper wire. The copper wire curve randomly. The paper pieces have bad language (in Chinese and in English) be written on one side and the quote of Song of Songs in English and quote of Book of Songs in Chinese on the other side. Song of Songs is from Bible. And the Book of Songs is traditional Chinese classic. These paper pieces symbolize the two faces nature of human.

The jade stone, in Chinese culture , symbolize virtue.  

Piece 2: Human Nature- Hypocrisy


I want to make a wearable necklace this time and use it to symbol the human nature of hypocrisy… I want to use copper wire, fluting paper, and some cloth to make it. I also want to use some pearl I got from a broken pearl necklace to make it look better.


Cut the paper pieces.

Cut the cloth.

Glue cloth to some paper pieces to make them seems pretty.

Gliding other paper pieces to make them shining.

Use thin copper wire to attach pearls to the paper pieces to decorate them.

Use thick copper wire to connect paper pieces together to make a necklace.

Make the copper wire curve to make hooks. Make the necklace wearable.

Process II:

Randomly tear red paper pieces.

Use pins to attach red paper pieces to the necklace.

Attach pins to the back side of the necklace.

Final form:

Name: Shuozhi Yin

Title:Human Nature/ Hypocrisy

Medium: Copper Wire, Pearl,Cloth, Pin, Red Paper, Corrugated Paper

Dimensions (H” x W”): 68cm x 6cm


Hypocrisy is human nature. Maybe every one can be harmed by some one who seems nice and friendly but have a indifferent and cruel soul….. Better not to trust others easily.

The outer side of the necklace decorated by golden leaf and beautiful cloth and pearl. This outlook symbolize the friendly and nice appearance of hypocritical people. The pearl usually be viewed as the symbol of purity.

The other side of the necklace has lots of pins. The sharpness of pins add dangerous feeling to this jewelry. Pins symbolize the cruelty of hypocritical people.

The red paper symbolize hearts of victims of hypocritical people. The shape of red paper is random. These shapes symbolize the fact that anyone can be the victim of these hypocritical people.

Piece 3: Human Nature- Confusion


 I want to make a decoration for hand. It may seems like a single glove. I want to use leather and copper wire to make it.


Cut the leather according to the shape of my hand.

Gluing the leather pieces together.

Cut an opening on the glove.

Use copper wire to decorate it.

Process II:

Use thin copper wire and pearls to decorate it.

Use thin copper wire and red agate to decorate it.

Use brooches to decorate it.

Final form:

Name: Shuozhi Yin

Title:Human Nature/ Confusion

Medium: Leather, Pearl, Copper Wire, Red Agate, Brooch

Dimensions (H” x W”): 19cm x 11cm


Confusion is kind of human nature. We can’t avoid confusion take place in our lives. Sometimes we don’t know what to do or how to do. Sometimes we have no idea about is what we worked on really benefit our lives or not.

This jewelry’s shape is like a glove. But it won’t let the fingers move freely. A glove should keep person who wears it warm. This jewelry can not do it. Since it has an opening. The shape and the opening of this jewelry symbolize confusion. It reminds me how we try to achieve some goal but our hard work can’t be paid back. The thick copper wire intertwine with each other try to fill the opening, but can not really work. This looking shows how people try to recover what they did wrong but choose wrong direction to work hard. The pearls and red agate looks pretty. But they can not change the fact that this glove is useless. I got the white flower brooch from a wedding. And I got the golden cross brooch from baptism. Both of them symbolize the meaningful events took place in our lives. But these meaningful events, even though they may make us feel happy or sad or exciting, they maybe can not really help us for achieving the goal of our lives… Just like the gem stones can not make this glove become useful.

This glove is wearable. All three pieces of project I made are wearable. 

Author: Shuozhi Yin