Drawing Machines: Machine Image

Flowers have always been present in paintings throughout all art history: we will see them in the works of Ancient Greek sculptures inspired by various myths such as Narcissus; in various medieval pictures carrying a religious meaning, like the rose and lily symbolizing the passions of Christ and the purity of the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, flower still life carried deep symbolic allegories of life values and principles. In my scans, I have worked with various flowers and painting materials to complement the beauty of each and create unique compositions symbolizing hope, beauty, nature, and life.

Working with flowers was one of the first techniques I’ve tried using a scanner for art, but it immediately became one of my favorites. I fell in love with the details the scanner brings out in the flowers, and the effect I was able to achieve experimenting with light, dark, paints, and many other materials. I have always admired flowers and put a lot of meaning into them. When I was 17 I even got a tattoo with a small flower branch on my chest under the heart, reminding myself that all scars will heal, and on their place flowers shall grow – a symbol of resilience and beauty. Therefore, using art for scanography was very important to me, as I saw not only beauty in them, but also profound life principles.

I really enjoyed working on this assignment. First, I started by simply placing flowers on the scanner and seeing what result I would get. Then, as I started becoming more comfortable with the scanner, I began to put more and more stuff on it and explored the settings. I used the food wrap to protect the scanner and also to achieve a certain texture, died napkins into different colors and places them on the scanner, used the black box to get a sense of depth in the scan. After that, I went even further, and put dirt, snow, and salt on the scanner with the flowers to create a feeling of spring, an image of melting snow and growing flowers, an idea of hope and rebirth.

People have admired the beauty of flowers throughout its existence. They are traditionally present in the context of important events in life such as birth and death, and are actively used in religious, mythical, dramatic subjects in art.  The symbolism of wild, garden and fictional flowers sweeps through all human culture. It allows us to see how subtly the author felt their work, and how multifaceted interpretation the canvas can be awarded thanks to the flowers. In my works, I wanted to explore a traditional subject in art and express the beauty of flowers through the high-quality image of the scanner.

Author: Taissia Stansmore