Abstract Video: Development

There are multiple aspects to this project as it depicts my path of learning new techniques in TouchDesigner from class but also the experimental work that I have learned independently. This project is still in the works until the last 2 weeks of classes. The main part of the project is the ability of the audience to interact and change the networks in different ways. There are two networks that each have four containers inside of them that can change what is presented. One network has just one image that has different adjustments to its presentation that the audience can change between. As for the other project, the audience can flip between four containers, where 3 are mouse interactive. There are also mini-side projects that I worked on for this piece to develop my skills to enhance the final product.

The motivation behind creating this project was to enhance the interactive capabilities of TouchDesigner and provide a place for audience members to create art when observing my work. I first realized I wanted to do an interactive piece when we first started working with including cameras and microphone inputs. I enjoyed being able to take part in what was being processed through TouchDesigner and in a way be an operator that affects the network being used.

The process of formulating and constructing this project was difficult and had many steps involved. I first started by thinking about what I enjoyed learning in class and what aspects of my homework did I find myself enjoying most. From there, I wanted to enhance my skills from what I learned in class and wanted to be able to build more complex networks. For example, I learned how to change inputs for presentation mode on TouchDesigner for movefilein TOP, but figured out a way to make this skill work for different inputs and instead used containers to allow different networks to be used.

This project showed me what I could learn in this class and what I can provide to the audience through independent work/research. This project has pushed me to learn about many different aspects of TouchDesigner as this class is limited only to a semester. I am hoping that through this project the audience can enjoy the same features that I did and also create their own outcome from the same inputs.

Author: Jane Joncha