Diary Forms: The Gala of Time

The Gala of Time. In which relics from the past and present are shown in a miniature exhibition. Looking at old photographs of these items made me realize that I wanted to add on an aura of nostalgia. I have 10 artifacts in all, five from the past and five from the present. Each item depicts what held an importance to me. The installation is presented on a podium platform, which allows viewers to freely walk around the structure and examine it from all angles. 

The easiest part of this project was deciding what materials to use along with what objects were important to me. As one of the artifacts, I replicated a flat-screen TV and a box TV. I felt a connection to this because my sister had drawn a unique magenta mark on it. No matter how many times my mom attempted to wipe it off, it stayed. The significance of the flat screen tv, is just that it’s an upgrade from the box tv! In terms of supplies, I found that recycled cardboard and paint made this project much easier to work with and bring to life.

I didn’t really see this concept come to life in my head until I heard different points of view from many different people. Making the tables and deciding which shades of gray to use for my walls took a lot of trial and error. Making these challenging choices caused me to view my project differently than I had before.

This project ended up being just what I had hoped for all along. The color scheme, the attention to detail in each piece, the project structure; everything just worked out very nicely. Part of the intention behind this project was for me to reflect on my past and present, and for viewers to reflect on their own, as well as to try to express what mine actually meant and how it mattered to me.

Author: Elizibeth Coates