Abstract Video: Early Experiments

This video is one of my first experiments with TouchDesginer. It is a video with a colorful overlay and switching light points. The video is repeating over 1 minute and the texture changes over time with the color. 

My motivation behind creating this specific video was to make it as colorful and vibrant as possible. I also wanted to play around with how light sources would look behind the overlay and picture. The prompt for this video was truly just anything we wanted and I certainly ran with that. I am not usually an abstract artist, but I found this process of creating a “free” piece of art definitely liberating.

The process to make this video was to add two movie file-in TOPs (texture operator) and one noise TOP. These were the basis of which I built off from. For one of the movie files I chose one picture that I had taken of my backyard garden area over the summer with a sunset behind it. The other movie file was a video that I took where I moved a camera back and forth over a light. One the noise TOP I altered the settings and turned monochrome off to get the colorful effect. I put all three TOPs into a composite TOP to layer all the effects and videos. Then, I put the composite into a level TOP to mess around with the brightness. Finally, I put everything into a resolution TOP to fit the right resolution and then into a null TOP.

This piece represents my initial thought process when I began using Touchdesigner and how I wanted to work with light, contrast, and video within this software. This was truly an early experiment and I decided to treat it as such as I was so new to it. I really like how this one came out and think this was an interesting jumping off point for my TouchDesigner journey within this class.

Author: Mackenzie Timbrell