Drawing Machines: Cow Sculpture

Our cow sculpture embodies a journey of creativity and persistence, crafted from humble materials like paper plates and blue masking tape. The inception of this project was sparked by a simple cow ring that captured our imagination, igniting a process of exploration and invention.

As my partner and I delved into the folds and connections, we discovered the beauty of merging simple shapes like cylinders and pyramids. Despite the challenges posed by paper plates’ tendency to resist seamless connections, we found joy in the cohesion of our design, particularly in how the hooves formed and led us to envision the complete form of a cow. 

On a more technical note, my partner and I discovered how to strengthen the rectangular prism (torso), by adding tape connecting two perpendicular beams into a triangle with a slight resistance. This reinforces the shape hence making the structure extremely stable.

Through trial and error, we honed our techniques, from crafting cylindrical tubes to sculpting a midsection and attaching the head, all while meeting the project’s guidelines for size and form. This process not only honed our technical skills but also taught us invaluable lessons about creativity and artistic expression.

For me, this project served as a reminder that art is a journey of learning and discovery. It reinforced the idea that with direction and perseverance, we can overcome challenges and bring our ideas to life. Moreover, it led me to reflect on my artistic preferences, nudging me towards a more abstract approach that challenges my creative boundaries.

Author: Azucena Raider Hernandez