Art from Code: Class Response to Grace Hertlein

For our last assignment of the semester, we were inspired by Grace Hertlein, a computer artist who uses nature as a source of creativity. To recreate similar art, we used the Perlin noise function. This is similar to using the random function in any programming language, but Perline noise returns specific coordinates that are randomly generated with a more natural succession of numbers.

Throughout our work, you will recognize spirals, mountains, water, trees, and more.

This was a nice assignment to end on and share amongst each other. Each person in our class has developed their artistic style that is present throughout their work.

Anisa Estrada (1)
Anisa Estrada (2)
Annabelle Didier (1)
Annabelle Didier (2)
Ben Park
Emily Neves
Emily Torres
Emmylou Meadows
Nina Brown
Simone Whysel
Sydney Peritz
Tiffany McBrayer
Will Wilson
Yilian Ma
Author: Tiffany McBrayer