Art From Code: Adventures with Holger Lippmann

Classically trained as a painter and sculpture, Holger Lippmann became enthralled with generative art, and it soon became indispensable to him. In 2007 he “started seriously working with processing.” It had opened him up to a whole new world.  Now, it is the only method by which he wants to produce art.

 “the implication of algorithmic structuring by mathematical visualization of forms and behaviors, has a basic priority to my work. to me it offers a meta level of looking at/into nature.”

Holger lippmanN

Our class took a look at his art with Processing, paying particular attention to his work with noise, color, and form. Working originally with grids, our work to its own form. Many explored more with noise and color, some with motion. In these works, one can see the distinct mark of Lippmannā€™s painterly and minimalistic style. Though inspired by Lippmann, they became their own. Our class was able to use this medium to transport to a new world, with its own behaviors, patterns, and rules, like Lippmann. They are landscapes of noisy loops and patterns, saturated colors, and lines, ellipses, and rectangles, both other-worldly and reminiscent of nature.

I believe the work of Holger Lippmann is one that will stick with us in all our other furniture art endeavors. 

Author: Annabelle Didier