Art from Code: Molnar Gradualism

The repetition of each loop I created are not dull and monotonous purely because they are repetitive in their nature. Instead, they are creative and lend themselves to meaning with each repetition. They grow and build off each other to create a different art piece. There is a meaning within each sketch as well as in series with each other.

I first struggled with gradualism because its within my nature to make big changes with everything I do. I tend to veer away from gradual changes. Thus at first, I did not truly follow the prompt of making one small change within the code each time. However, when I gave myself another chance at the prompt, I found myself really enjoying the gradual process. By only changing one aspect of the code each time, I gave myself more control over the sketch. It gave me more room for growth and development. They become more painterly and a more orderly process.

Although I somewhat veered away from the classical “Molnar” code, I do see some of her work within my own. As the series progresses, the art becomes less and less real, a more abstract version of the original, which gives it a sense of a loss of control.

Author: Annabelle Didier